Thursday, June 9, 2016

Adventures with Garmin

Okay, so anybody that knows me, knows that I am VERY obese (I hate that word.  I like fat better!)  They also know that I hate sweating and that exercising is very far down my list of things I enjoy doing. For years, I've tried to get into the exercise habit, and for a number of years I was fairly successful in establishing a regular routine of water aerobics and strength training.  And then I had a severe case of pneumonia and shortly after that, rheumatoid arthritis joined my life journey.  It took about 6 months before the doctors figured out what I had --- and during that time, I was so fatigued and in so much pain that it took absolutely everything I had to get through a day of teaching.  There was no way that I could manage even the simplest cardio workout.  And then of course, once you're out of the habit . . . .

Needless to say, that this past fall I started going back to water aerobics class, trying to make it at least twice a week, and feeling great when I made it to the third class each week.  But it wasn't enough.

When I went to my endocrinologist last week my A1C had increased by .7 pts, not good.  I came home and ordered a Garmin Vivosmart HR.  I can use it in the water which is why I chose that and not a Fitbit.    I received it on Saturday, and started wearing it almost immediately.  It's depressing when you can't meet the first step goal it sets, nor did I meet the next day's goal either which had dropped by 1000 steps.  However, on Monday I made my goal!  Half of the steps I needed for the day were from my water aerobics workout.  Tuesday, the goal was increased, but there was no class.  Despite the fact that I forced myself to take a  brisk 15 minute walk (that just about killed me!), I didn't make my goal.  So, yesterday the goal was reset once again.  I went to class, and by the end of the day, had met and exceeded the daily goal by about 200 steps.  Today is a no class day.  I've done a 15 minute walk and I've climbed a set of stairs 5 times.  That goal is 10 sets per day.  Since I live in a one floor living space house, the only stairs are those to the basement,  and those from the back yard to a 2nd story deck.   So I've done the deck stairs 3 times today, and the cellar stairs twice.

I find myself taking the long way around my house.  It's 47 steps from the kitchen area to the master bathroom!  So I've been bypassing the guest bathroom.  I am volunteering to go the mailbox rather than letting my husband bring the mail in  (71 steps one way).  I know that I am in a honeymoon period right now, but I am appalled at how little I move.

I am, at least for now, motivated by challenging myself.  I only worry that in a few weeks, the pool will be closed for 4 weeks, and I don't have another swim option.  I really dislike walking too since I'm surrounded by busy, hilly roads with crumbly pavement on the edges and narrow or nonexistent shoulders.  Guess I'll be climbing those stairs nonstop!

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