Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Books

I've been reading a lot of "brain candy" so far this year. I'm in the "fluff" part of my reading cycle. Over the holidays I read some thought-provoking, more serious, materials, and now I'm in the dessert section! I'm tracking my reading and taking up the challenge of reading 50 books this year. This challenge would not have been a problem in the past as until recently I have been a voracious reader. But over the past couple of years, I've taken up knitting pretty obsessively and my reading time is what has suffered! And I've also spent an awful lot of time reading blogs instead of books! So this should be an interesting challenge for me this year.

One great book I can recommend, though I finished it in the waning days of 2007, is Three Cups of Tea. It's a terrific true story of Greg Mortenson, a former mountain climber, who is building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a way to promote peace. My sister sent a copy to each of my adult sons as a Christmas gift and told them that everyone under 30 should read it. I think EVERYONE should read it, no matter your age.


Joan said...

Hey Deb, the Nicky Epstein book is yours if you want it. Email me at

I love your 50 book challenge! I must investigate it.

Panhandle Jane said...

Knitting has had exactly the same effect on my reading. Of course, I read many books for school, but my spare time reading has suffered. I have Three Cups of Tea but I've not yet read it. At present, I have The Memory Keeper's Daughter on my MP3 from a public library download. I'm enjoying that.

Paula said...


I've put "Three Cups of Tea" on my reading list. Have you read "Love in the Driest Season" by Neely Tucker? It is a book you won't soon forget after reading it.