Saturday, January 12, 2008

Take the quiz!

This presidential preference quiz captured my preferences almost exactly! As you can imagine I wasn't happy with the primary results in my state.

90% Dennis Kucinich
89% Barack Obama
88% John Edwards
88% Mike Gravel
86% Hillary Clinton
86% Chris Dodd
82% Bill Richardson
79% Joe Biden
37% Rudy Giuliani
30% John McCain
22% Mike Huckabee
22% Mitt Romney
21% Tom Tancredo
19% Ron Paul
11% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


Cathy said...

I bet it is pretty neat being in NH for the primary. Lots of politicians covering a little ground. Do you ever get a chance to participate or go to anything related to this?

Deb said...

Right now, we're enjoying the peace! It gets pretty crazy up here. For the month or so before the primary we receive MULTIPLE daily phone calls from all the campaigns. I was invited to house parties to meet most of the Democratic candidates during the season, and most of the major candidates visit local towns. It's pretty easy to meet a candidate, and I have participated in some of the gatherings. The Sat. before the primary a friend and I tried to go to a local arts center to buy a birthday present. We had a very tough time reaching the place because one of the major Republican candidates was holding a rally at the town hall a block from the the arts center. Every NH and Boston news agency was there as well as close to 1000 people - the police had to close Main Street for a time. Our towns around here are small - about 5000 people.

Cathy said...

Oh the media... and the thing is now is that it is not just ABC, NBC, and CBS but many other news channels! YIKES!

By they way, I really like the sweater you are working on!