Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Approximate Total

Just for my curiousity, I added up the number of pages I read this year.  I use to keep track so  the number of pages for each book read come from that resource.  And there were 4 books with no page counts -- I think they were only available through Kindle, and not in print.  I didn't add those pages, although  since they are all by the same author I could estimate that each book was about 140 pages long.  I haven't gone back to previous years totals to compare . . .and I don't plan to at this point.  So I don't know how this total compares.  So here it is  ---- 47258 pages.    The average book length (108) was 437.57 pages.  (Includes the 4 books with no page count, and all of the George RR Martin books.)  It means I read an average of 13 pages a day. . .   So I plan to keep track of both books and pages this year to see how 2012 compares.

My goal --- 125 books AND 50,000 pages.

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