Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Book Review

My first entry for the new year is a review of book #108, the last book for 2011.  I didn't make my goal of reading 125 books, and I missed my 2010 record of 109 by one.  Oh well.  A new year, and another chance at the goal.  This is the first book of a new-to-me series.

The Last Kashmiri Rose (Joe Sandilands, #1)The Last Kashmiri Rose by Barbara Cleverly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joe Sandilands is looking forward to returning to England after a tour of duty in India.  Just as he about to leave, he's asked to postpone his trip to investigate a series of mysterious deaths.  Five Anglo women have died under odd circumstances over a long period of time.  As Joe investigates, he uncovers an intricate web of deceit, and at the same time, meets Nancy Drummond and falls in love with her.  This was an interesting novel set in 1920's India.  My only "complaint" was the use of a lot of Indian words to describe places or situations.  A few were explained, and a few I could figure out from context.  My vocabulary lack didn't interfere with my comprehension of the story, but my teacher brain was annoyed that I couldn't check references or that there wasn't a glossary.  Neither my Kindle dictionary, nor my physical dictionary had the references either.  I am looking forward to reading other novels in this new-to-me series.

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