Sunday, January 22, 2012

This and That and Not Much of Anything

The weekend started out with promise.  We went out to dinner Friday night with good friends and had a good meal and great conversation.   When we got home, my husband announced that he wanted to go the movies Saturday afternoon, and we could combine some errands with the movie.  This is a momentous occasion, because he RARELY wants to go to the movies.  I, however, love to go and don't get to go very often.  So I looked forward to Saturday.  Unfortunately I woke up Saturday morning feeling horrible -- scratchy throat, headache, exhaustion.  I never made it out of my pjs and in fact, went back to bed at 9:30 am and slept til almost 1 pm.  However, even if I had felt fine, we wouldn't have made it to the movies because of the weather --- about 4 inches of slippery snow surprised us.    I did manage to get up and make a homemade (kind of) chicken pot pie with the help of prepared foods  --- leftover rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, some frozen mixed veggies, some cream of celery and cream of mushroom soup, fresh onion, a small can of mushrooms, and a ready-made piecrust.  And I did muster up enough energy to watch "Death and Dust" - an episode of my favorite series Midsomer Murders."  I did knit a few rows of a sock and I read a couple of chapters of The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen.  This morning I woke up feeling fine, and went to church.  We are planning to leave shortly to fulfill the errands we didn't do yesterday, and then hope to see "War Horse" at the movies.    So with luck, the weekend will end on a high note.

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Panhandle Jane said...

I had great hopes of getting out for some things this afternoon, but I barely made church. We have 40+ mph winds, humidity down around 10-15% and horribly blowing dust. I'm staying in.

My daughter, who lives where rotisserie chickens are readily available did a cost-analysis and figured out that it is just as economical for her to buy one and use it in any recipe that calls for cooked chicken as it is to actually cook a chicken. By the time I throw in a 120 mile round trip, that's not exactly true for me unless I plan well.

I love Misdomer Murders!