Sunday, July 15, 2012

Socks at Last!

I started these socks way back in March and had to stop knitting on them or anything else too many times to count due my RA symptoms.  I finally did some experimenting and discovered I could knit without additional pain if I followed a pattern of about 20 minutes knitting, a 15 minute or so rest, and alternate that over the course of an evening.  So I finally finished these last night.

It's from Interweave 25 Favorite Socks, Merino Lace socks by Ann Woodbury.  I used Zitron Trekking XXL which I bought at Webs quite a while ago in color 083. I love using this yarn for socks, and I like the blend of color.

They fit perfectly, and I really enjoyed the pattern.

Here they are:

Maybe you can see the pattern more clearly here - well you can see the scallops a bit more clearly on either side of the zigzag yarnovers!


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They are so pretty!