Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Tough Start

Boy!  After a spell of feeling good and being able to move with minimal pain and stiffness,  I woke up too early this morning in a great deal of pain.  Trying to get down the stairs this morning was a huge undertaking. My shoulders, knees, ankles, and hands really hurt.  I'd actually been feeling pretty good the past week or so, with only minor reminders that my hands are swollen (like not being able to wear my rings).  I guess it's good that my meds have FINALLY arrived.  I use a mail order prescription service through my insurance company and they are usually very prompt about filling prescriptions.  For some reason however, the new med was delayed almost 2 weeks.  After a phone call to the company, I was told that the delay was highly unusual and that they would put a rush on the order.  They did, and I got it overnight.  So today is the day I start taking it.  The dr told me it would be about 2 months before I started to see(feel) positive effects.  I just hope I don't feel too many of the side effects!  Starting a life long med is scary.  But I know I'll be significantly worse off without it!

One of the realizations I've experienced since my RA diagnosis is just how many people have it!  At a 4th of July picnic, I discovered a friend has been dealing with it for 18 years!  And my teaching partner's mom has it, as do several other people in my circle of acquaintances.  And ever since the diagnosis, all I see on TV are ads for RA medications!!  I guess they were there before, but you really don't pay attention when it's not something that concerns you.

On the agenda today are a trip to the library, two banks, and a meeting with the school district's extended day coordinator.  She's new and she's asked several staff members to meet with her this afternoon to  talk about what we like about the program (which was new last school year) and what we see are needs for the program.  It should be an interesting discussion!    Just hope that this morning's stiffness wears off by noon!

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Panhandle Jane said...

Oh, I hope your day goes well and that the meds work well for you, too. Keep us posted. God bless you.