Saturday, October 24, 2015

Some Knitting Projects

I haven't posted anything about my knitting in a long time.  Here are a couple of projects I've recently finished.

The most recent is this sweater, Mindy, pattern by Julia Farwell-Clay.  I had fun knitting it and I learned a new skill-the attached I-cord button band.  I used Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca Paints which I purchased at Webs.  I think the yarn has been discontinued.  I really like the way it came out.  It took me six months from start to finish, but I admit it was on again-off again knitting!  I don't like working on sweatery projects when it's hot!

Another project I finished was one I mostly knit while I was on a bus tour in the UK.  It was fairly mindless knitting.

I used a cotton ribbon yarn called ONline Line Arona and a free  pattern I was given at checkout.  (At Webs, of course!)  I am currently using another color of this same yarn to knit Let It Go, another cowl.

In between knitting and reading, we took two big trips - one to the UK and one to Italy.  One of these days I get some pictures uploaded.  You'd think that with retirement, I'd have the time to keep this blog updated.   Hmm.

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