Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: Brush Back

Brush Back Brush Back by Sara Paretsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the book! Frank Guzzo, VI Warshawski's first love, asks her to help him figure out if his mother Stella, who has recently been released from prison, was framed for murdering her daughter. V.I. wants no part of the investigation. Stella has always hated the Warshawski family, and even Frank blamed her family for his failure to impress major league baseball scouts. As is usual in this series, circumstances converge to draw V.I. deep into an investigation that involves not only the Guzzo family, but the Uzbeki Mob and Illinois politicians.

I liked the reflective tone VI took on as she tried to keep her niece Bernie out of harm's way. She's also beginning to question how long she can meet the physical demands of the job. Once again, there is a dark and gritty aspect to events, and VI is on the receiving end of quite a bit of violence.

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