Thursday, August 11, 2016

Still Feeling Trying - and Succeeding

I posted earlier that I was making a determined effort to walk, and to generally get more exercise into my life with the goal of feeling healthier.  My efforts began in earnest after a doctor's visit on June 1st.

Since June 1st I've lost 23 pounds, and 2 inches around my waist.  I have been successful in limiting my calories to around 1500 per day, I've been keeping my carb count where I should be (120-130 g per day), and I've been exercising.  I was worried about the 4 week pool closure, but I took up walking, and have worked up to walking 2 miles at a time several times per week.  Now that the pool re-opened this week, I plan to go to water aerobics 3x per week and walk at least twice a week.  I'm really aiming to get at least 150 min of heart-healthy exercise each week, and so far, I'm achieving that most weeks.

I do feel better, although I'm still working on building my stamina.  I can do hills more easily, but I still prefer to avoid them.  And I still feel pretty drained when I return from my walks.  We have just entered an extremely hot and humid spell of weather, and I just couldn't face the soupy air this morning.  I went out on my deck at 5:30am, before the sun even had risen, and the air was so thick I found it hard to breath.  So instead of heading out for a walk, I headed to Youtube and found an aerobic walking video.  I moved some of the office furniture out of the way and did the video instead.  If I can find some time later, I might head up to the pool too, to do some aerobics on my own.

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