Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year


Seems like yesterday we were celebrating the new millenium. I remember the worry and angst about whether our computerized society could handle the switch from 19-- to 20--. Would everything come to a crashing halt because the computers wouldn't recognize the year? There was lots of hoopla in the media about how to prepare for the possibility that you wouldn't be able to access your bank accounts or credit cards. I remember taking some cash out of the bank and putting it in a safe place, just in case. I forgot I had done so, and not too long ago, I found the hidden cash. That was a very pleasant surprise!! And then of course the ball dropped and life went on usual.

The ice storm we just experienced was way more traumatic. At our party last night the consensus was that as our weather becomes more erratic, we should expect more power outages. We are getting more precipitation both in the summer and winter. We seem to be experiencing much more violent winds when fronts sweep through, too. This storm should be a wake up call, and should push us to find ways to be less dependent on the power grid, and more self-sufficient. I don't mean to sound pessimistic or gloomy, because that wasn't the mood. It was much more matter-of-fact.

I have no idea about this year --- I'm not making any resolutions since I rarely keept them anyway. I have some hopes for this year: I hope we can go on a trip this summer, I hope we stay healthy, I hope that my husband's company continues its success, I hope to do a lot of knitting, I hope to get motivated to exercise more and eat less, I hope to regain my zest for teaching (it would help if I could teach social studies again, instead of science!), I hope that my sons find happiness in love and work, I hope that our country finds its way through the minefields of world conflict, economic crisis, and social justice, I hope my church finds a good pastor, . . . my list of hopes go on. . . .

I hope that all of you have a healthy, safe, happy, interesting, and exciting 2009!


Songbird said...

I hope all your hopes will be realized! Is your church advertising yet? I have some friends who are searching.

Cathy said...

I, too, hope all of your hopes will be realized.