Saturday, January 31, 2009


This past week seemed to drag by even though it was full of events and busy-ness. I started the week by attending the school board meeting and ended it by going out to a fabulous dinner with friends. I had an hour long physical therapy appointment, 2 water aerobics classes, a snow day, a 2 hour delay day, and a 2 hour association meeting after school. Oh, and I had a formal observation done too. And in between I taught, did my PT exercises, ran errands, and tried to sleep.

Because of all the days we missed from the ICE STORM, our school board has decided to add 30 minutes to our teaching day from Feb. 9 to May 8th (55 days!). This is what a majority of middle school and high school teacher wanted to have happen, though that wasn't necessarily true of the elementary schools. The 30 minutes will be added at the end of the day. In our school that means that our core classes (math, reading/la, science, and social studies) will have 10 minutes added to them, while a skills class will be cut by 10 minutes. We're happy about having 60 minute classes. Of course this has an impact on our contract which was the topic of the 2 hour association meeting. At any rate it will make the next three months of school VERY interesting.

On the physical therapy front I've been dealing with a pinched nerve combined with a shoulder impingment and possible carpal tunnel syndrome. So I had to figure out how to schedule 8 appts before 4 pm with a longer school day. The toughest part of the PT is that I have to severely limit my knitting. I am having major withdrawal symptoms.

My observation went well, and I got good feedback. Of course WHILE I was teaching the lesson, I felt like nothing was going well. I had not been formally observed for over 5 years so it was especially nerve-wracking.

Finally last night, we went with friends to a fabulous restaurant, tucked away in the woods. The food is superb and the ambience and service are excellent. It's definitely on the upper end of affordability for us, but it's well-worth it once or twice a year.

Next week should be a little less crazy -- no meetings scheduled, only one appointment, and fingers crossed, no weather incidents to cancel school!


Songbird said...

As much as I love snow days, I think we've had enough for this year!

Panhandle Jane said...

I love snow days, too, but I'm always sorry when it comes times to make them up. I would, however, love to have the longer classes back. I have been unhappy since we went to 45 minute ones a few years ago. I think it has really affected student performance.

Jennifer said...

That's a lot in one week!
Blessings as you move through the rest of the year with slightly longer days.