Sunday, January 11, 2009

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This is the first project I've finished (except for blocking and facing). It's from Family Circle Easy Knitting and it's called the Modern Classic. This is the 2nd time I've knit it. The first one was knit in the summer of 2005 and it kept me occupied while I took the night watch at my mom's death bed. It was the first knitting project I'd done in over 20 years and the simple stockinette helped me center myself, and stay present for my mom during that bittersweet summer. Every night for almost 6 weeks I sat with her during the long watches of the night and as she drifted off into sleep, I knit. She never saw the finished sweater; and it was really too big, but I still wear it schlepping around the house. This sweater fits really well, although despite all my efforts, the sleeves could still be shorter. I need to do a final block, and I am looking for the grosgrain ribbon I need to face the front bands. I have been to Joanne's, Michael's, 2 Walmarts, and an independent fabric store to no avail. Either they have the color but not enough (I only need two yards of 7/8 inch ribbon) or it's too narrow, or they don't have it. I wish now I'd gone with my first idea and made the bands a teeny bit wider and put buttons on it!

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These are Spirogyra, from I used Berroco Sox. They took me 4-5 evenings of about an hour each to complete. They were easy to knit, and they make me smile when I wear them!

From knitting2

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful! You're an inspiring knitter and book reviewer.
Ther's an award for you at my place.