Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olympics: DNF

My sweater is actually a tad longer, but not much.  I still have one more skein after the current skein is finished, to use on the body, which leaves me 3 skeins for the sleeves.  I'm actually going to move to the sleeves when I finish the current skein because I always shorten my sleeves by 3 inches.  (I have VERY short arms, and do this on all sweaters).  Then I can use the rest of the yarn to get a longer sweater since I don't like short sweaters.    I'm just hoping  this will fit.

So I guess I'm a slower knitter than I thought.  It takes me about an hour to do 4 lace rows.  It's a very easy lace pattern, but they are long rows  (almost 400 stitches). And despite the fact that it's a quickly memorized pattern, I still make mistakes and find I lost a yarn over, or put it in the wrong place. 

It's okay that I won't make the finish in time.  I've been enjoying the process and that's what counts.

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Songbird said...

I like your attitude! I am also a DNF, but I love my sock pattern now and will enjoy it no matter how long it takes.