Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

I'm glad today was a snow day.  Even though we now risk having to go into the next week in June should we have another snow day, I am glad that today was a day I got to stay home.  I've been fighting the bug that's been making the rounds at school, and I was feeling last night that I was losing the battle.  I did get up at my usual 4:45 am but by 5:20, when the decision to close school was made, I snuggled back into bed and actually went back to sleep until the phone rudely awakened me at 7 am.  I've had a very leisurely day ---- catching up on episodes of Big Love, Castle, Project Runway, and even catching some Olympic curling.  I got lots of knitting done on my Knitting Olympics project, the February Lady Sweater. I napped some too.  I feel like a turned the corner and at least got the immunity cells recharged.

I also had a chance to compose an email to my principal.  He asked me for my thoughts on a proposed assignment change last week, and he gave me some time to think about it.   I've been thinking, and finally got my thoughts down in writing, slept on it, prayed about it, and finally composed the email.   Now I just have to wait and pray that I've made my thoughts persuasive enough.

All in all, a snow day was exactly what I needed today.


Jennifer said...

Hooray for you. Snow=time and that's great.

Songbird said...

Sounds like a great day!