Friday, February 19, 2010

Tough Day Ahead

I do not like the day before a break, especially one that's set up to be crazy.  I don't understand why we set kids up to get overexcited and wild by scheduling super high energy events such as pep rallies, and whole school tug of wars on the Friday before winter vacation.  All week long the excitement has been building . . . . and the kids who have trouble focusing and keeping their impulses under control have already had a harder than usual time.  I suspect it won't be pretty.

There will be some big decisions made shortly too, about reorganization of teaching teams.  I'm one of the folks on the cusp of another unwanted change.  I alternate between anger and half-hearted optimism, but mostly feel betrayed once again. 

As I said, a tough day.

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Panhandle Jane said...

I'll be thinking about you today. I know that you've had a tough time in the teaching assignment situation. Our school is so set on having the "Highly Qualified" teachers in core subjects that I have never had to worry. In some of the most esoteric electives, we kind of have to settle for whomever we can get to come to such a small down, so that uses up our quota of Non-highly Qualifieds. It's been a safety net.