Friday, April 2, 2010

Book #25 for 2010

I really enjoy these books. I love my local library; I just wish they had them "in stock" and  I didn't have to get them all from the interlibrary loan system!  I do appreciate the fact that I can get them that way however!

The Iron Hand of Mars (Marcus Didius Falco, #4) The Iron Hand of Mars by Lindsey Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Falco has reluctantly accepted an imperial mission which takes him deep into the wilds of the Germania Libera.  Helena has disappeared, apparently in a fit of pique when Falco misses  her birthday.  At the same time, Vespasian's son Titus is romantically pursuing her.  Helena' s brother Camillus Justinius is introduced in this installment, teaming up to support Falco.  I really enjoyed this installment of Falco's adventures even though it was less of a puzzle than usual, and much more of an adventure.  There are the usual misunderstandings between Falco and Helena as well as the usual reconciliations!  I really appreciate the level of research that the author has done to produce such a detailed picture of the first century Roman world. 

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Cathy said...

I think I am the interlibrary loan queen at my library!

Panhandle Jane said...

Isn't interlibrary loan great? I've been reading but not posting reviews for some reason. I need to get started again.

I love the new heading on your blog!