Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I treated myself to some yarn in the WEBS Anniversary Sale. I got the Honeydew Plymouth Encore and the Aquamarine Plymouth Encore for some upcoming baby gifts. I bought the Opal Memory for socks, just because it was pretty. And the Raspberry yarn is Plymouth Royal Llama Silk for a sweater for me. All the yarn was on sale. I saved $55 plus change on the Royal Lllama Silk which made the sweater I want to make affordable. On the outer edge of affordable, but affordable nonetheless. The Opal was about 1/2 price and the Encore was also a great deal.  the amazing thing is that I place the order online Saturday afternoon.  The package arrived this morning - Tuesday!!  I LOVE WEBS!
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Panhandle Jane said...

Thank you SOOOO much for posting! I had forgotten to order the Aquamarine and the Mauve for new wallabies for next winter for two of my granddaughters! Your yarn looks lovely!