Friday, April 23, 2010

My February Lady in April

I FINALLY finished my Knitting Olympics project, the February Lady Sweater. I started it on the first day of the Winter Olympics 2010 and was just about finished with it at the end of the event. But when I tried on the sweater it was too small. So I ripped it out to the bodice and reknit the body on larger needles. I stumbled a number of times along the way. I'd knit 3-4 inches of the gull lace pattern without a hitch, then I'd mess up and knit a couple more inches before I'd realize it. I'd rip out the errors and do it again. I think I probably knit this sweater the equivalent of 3 times!! But I'm glad to report that not only have I finished the knitting, but that it fits really well. I still have to block it and I need to get buttons for the bodice. I am very happy with it!

I used Valley Yarns Colrain in garnet and I increased the bodice using the eyelet increase suggested on the pattern.
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Panhandle Jane said...

I'm so pround of you! I haven't finished my olympics project yet, and I have a February Lady from last summer on needles that I need to finish. I will be interested in seeing what yours looks like blocked.

Anonymous said...

That's such a great color!

Cathy said...

So the name of the sweater is February Lady? What a nice name. Love the sweater. Looks like something I would like to knit.

Deb said...

It's a free pattern - my favorite kind! Despite my stumbling, it's an easy knit too. I find the minute I start thinking a pattern is easy, I mess up!!