Saturday, May 14, 2011

And Finally . . .

I went with a friend today to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.  It's about an hour away from where I live, and it's a lovely, small festival at the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds.  The festival is usually held on Mother's Day weekend, but was moved this year so as not to conflict with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show.

It usually rains when this festival is held, but although skies were gray, and rain eventually arrived this evening, our visit to the show was dry.  I forgot to bring my camera which is too bad.  One of my favorite parts of the day was visiting the sheep barn.  One of the youth events was happening, and it was fun to watch 7 year olds lead their sheep into the ring.  The sheep were judged but so were the kids as one of the requirements was that they wear woolen clothing.  My friend and I got to giggling as we visited with the sheep and lambs.  They were so chatty!!  When you're in a barn filled with baa-ing sheep, you can't help but giggle.  At times it sounded like my 7th graders trying to sound like sheep!!

There was a lot fleece for sale, and roving too. Since I'm not a spinner (yet! I think it's in my future, though), I was more interested in the finished yarns.  Two skeins of lovely local yarn followed me home as did a pattern.  Fortunately for my budget I managed to resist 1400 yards of the most beautiful merino I've seen in a long time.  It wasn't that it was even all that expensive, as luxury yarn goes, but I had absolutely no project in mind.  I think I just fall in love with color and texture.  Maybe I should just festoon my home with hanging skeins of yarn???

Anyway, this is what I bought:

100% Super Wash Blue Faced Leicester - fingering weight from a hand-dyer

100% Alpaca Cobweb Lace from Long Ridge Farm

The cobweb lace was part of a kit called Two Rivers Wrap.  The sample was exquisite and I fell in love with it immediately. 

It was a very pleasant excursion, with a very wonderful friend, after an extremely stressful week.  Just what the doctor ordered!!

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