Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

Now that our boys are adults, Christmas passes quietly and this year was no exception.  Elder Son spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us, and we enjoyed our traditional meal on Christmas Eve -- Swedish meatballs.
In a break from tradition, we enjoyed bacon and waffles for breakfast instead of pound cake and coffee.

 And in another break with tradition I cooked a turkey for Christmas which fell completely apart when I took it out of the roasting pan. Still very moist, but it just fell apart.  Made it easy for cutting all the meat off the bone.  We all enjoyed our gifts --- for the first time ever, my husband asked me for a list, and then went and got everything on it!  (It was a small list --- biggest item on the list was a wooden cutting board.)

It was definitely an unusually warm Christmas!  In the 60's°!  Here I am enjoying the sunshine on our deck.

Even the bees were confused!

Then the busy time started.  I had the brilliant idea of hosting an open house on Sunday.  It was great!  I always overestimate how much food I should prepare, and so we are still dealing with leftovers both from the turkey and the party.

I made mushroom turnovers at my husband's request:

And I made Brie Bites:

Of course there were finger sandwiches, chips, dip, shrimp cocktail,  cheese and crackers, and punch, beer, wine, and soda.

The party was a huge success, and people stayed to chat which was wonderful.   Of course, Monday morning I was in a fog of exhaustion, but it was the good kind of exhaustion.

We are having friends over for New Year's Eve dinner, but it's going to be really low key.
I think I'm done cooking for the year too!

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