Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five: You Can Never Have Too Many . . .

It's been forever since I did a Friday Five on Revgals, but this one resonates as I just had a discussion about several "hoards" we seem to have acquired.

Here's the challenge:

While packing up my mother’s apartment a few months ago following a stroke, I discovered a side to her of which I had been previously unaware. While I wouldn’t go so far as to label it hoarding, she did have an excessive number of certain items among her things. Office supplies ranked at the top.
For today’s Friday Five, share with us what sorts of things you keep in a stash, or are always certain to have on hand. You know, just in case. (Wink)
So here's my list:

1.  Yarn --- My stash is huge, and despite all my attempts to knit new projects from what's in my stash, I still buy new yarn.  I am trying hard to resist the urge to purchase 2 new skeins of a particular lace yarn  so that I can participate in a mystery KAL.  The lace yarn I have in the stash either isn't the right weight (needs to be "heavy" lace) or isn't the right yardage.  
2.  Index cards -- When I moved out of my classroom last June, I discovered at least 5000 3x5 index cards that I had purchased over the years with personal money.  I do love 'em . . great for grocery lists, book lists, or lists that need to be kept longer term.  I will never need to buy more.
3.  Pens and highlighters --- Again, some are from years in the classroom, but I am a sucker for a new package of pens or highlighters.  I have to stay out of Staples, because every time I go in, Inkjoy pens scream my name.
4.  Hotel toiletries - This is more my husband's hoard.  We have 4 plastic shoeboxes filled with hotel soaps, 2 filled with body wash, and 2 filled with shampoo.  He hasn't had to buy him soap or shampoo in years.
5.  Olive oil -- Whenever it's on sale or there's a coupon, a bottle of olive oil finds its way to our pantry. At one time in the relatively short past, we had 13 bottles of olive oil in the pantry.  I have given some of it away, but we still have quite a few bottles. Tuna fish usually joins it.  Again, since my husband does the majority of grocery shopping, this is mostly his need, but I have to admit I get anxious if the tuna stack is shorter than 4 cans.  
I could add some other items that are stored in quantity around here --- toilet paper, printer paper, and push pins come to mind.

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