Saturday, June 5, 2010


 That's all that's left of this year.  Ten more days.  Out of those 10 days, there are actually only 5 days of teaching time.  I wish that we would re-think our end of the year activities, and put them all in the last week of school rather than spreading them out willy-nilly.  It's hard enough to keep kids focused, and when we keep interrupting academic time for the fun stuff, it's impossible to get them back.  Plus it makes it that much more difficult to do anything meaningful.

This past week:

Monday - Memorial Day - no school
Tuesday - Regular Day (but some students visiting elementary schools as ambassadors)
Wednesday - Regular Day  (but many kids out of school for Solar Car competition)
Thursday - 5th Grade Step Up AND a school-wide assembly-- Our 6th graders spent the morning watching a movie while we did the orientation with the 5th graders. The afternoon was an assembly.
Friday - Regular Day (more student ambassador visits)

Next week:

Monday - Regular Day
Tuesday - Regular Day
Wednesday - Annual Walk to local ice cream parlor- (1/2 day of class time)
Thursday - Regular Day  (band and chorus students on a field trip)
Friday - All school  Kickball Round Robins

The last week:

Monday - Field Day  (all day outside)
Tuesday - Regular Day
Wednesday - Regular Day
Thursday - Field Trip  (outside all day at a camp)
Friday - Last Day

I have to pack up my room too during the next 10 days.  I am heading back up to the third floor of our building and will be teaching 7th grade next year.  While I appreciate very much that I will get back to teaching social studies, I really don't want to leave 6th grade.  I love working with the younger students, helping them transition from elementary school to middle school.  I created the 6th grade social studies curriculum too,  purchasing many materials over the year to support it out of my own money.  Now I have to learn a whole new curriculum -- again.  And the fact that it's move #7 makes me crazy!

So it's 10 days more of 6th grade. . . .


Songbird said...

I'm sorry about this transition, and I hope it goes as smoothly as it can, under the circumstances.

Panhandle Jane said...

I hope your remaining days are as uneventful as possible. It always mystified me--12th grade, remember?--that the same parents/community who insisted on an insane schedule that focused on everything but academics for the last month of school were the very ones who called the school the next year and complained that their children were not properly prepared for college because they didn't know how to take comprehensive final exams. Go figure! If we gave truly comprehensive finals during the insanity of the last few weeks, no one would pass!