Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scandal Takes a Holiday

My holiday was certainly much tamer than Marcus Didius Falco's!  I really love this series.
'Scandal Takes a Holiday (Marcus Didius Falco, #16)Scandal Takes a Holiday by Lindsey Davis
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Marcus Didius Falco and family (just about everyone related to him) are in Ostia, Rome's busy port city.  Falco is searching for the missing scribe, Diocles, who happens to write the gossip column for one of Rome's "newspapers."  He of course, eventually finds the missing scribe, but not before encountering Rome's nonexistent pirates, imposter vigiles, and his long-lost Uncle Fluvius.  Along the way, Falco takes a swim in the ocean, is imprisoned in a tomb, and experiences part of the initiation rites of Cybele.  I laughed out loud in spots.  I really appreciate Lindsey Davis' skill in setting the scene, and in the way she keeps her characters true, volume after volume.

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