Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: Cherry Ames, Student Nurse

Cherry Ames, Student Nurse Cherry Ames, Student Nurse by Helen Wells
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Ok, so once in a while I revert back to childhood. This should actually count as 4 books --- the book from Amazon contained 4 Cherry Ames books -- Student Nurse, Senior Nurse, Army Nurse, and Chief Nurse. These were written in the 1940's and definitely reflect the culture of those years, but there is still something fun about the stories, simplistic though they may be. I read these as a preteen and like 1000's of other girls, thought about nursing as a career as a result. They are definitely unrealistic about the demands of a nursing career, as well as the ability of one person to hold as many different nursing jobs as Cherry does and do each job as well as she does, but they do a good job of exposing the different types of nursing available at the time. It might be interesting for someone to re-write the series to reflect the nursing possibilities of the 21st century and especially to include male nurses!

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