Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Chores are Waiting

It's already Sunday, and I haven't done any of my chores yet. But it's been a good weekend so far. We went out to a local inn for dinner with good friends on Friday night. We'd planned on a drink, and a meal from the pub menu. We had the drink (and a very rare 2nd one!) and ended up ordering off the restaurant menu (read "bigger bucks"), but we had a wonderfully relaxing evening.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, January day with no bad weather in the offing. It's cold (yesterday about 18°F) but seasonally so. We decided to head to southern CT to visit my nearly 91 year old aunt. We usually go visit over the holidays, but weather and my husband's work schedule prevented our usual trip. We had a wonderful visit, and got home about 9 pm. It's a 3 hour trip for us, but it's a fairly straight shot down an interstate, so it's not a difficult trip unless we hit traffic.

This morning it's about zero, again, not unusual for a January in NH. I'm off to church in a bit, and then it's chores and schoolwork for the afternoon. Too bad the chores can't wait forever!

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Panhandle Jane said...

Today, I knited and cooked. I have main dishes for about nine meals made. Of course, you wouldn't want to eat them for nine meals in a row because they're just two different things, but they will still be a big time saver and comfort on work days.

I need two more outside stripes and the I-cord edging to finish the blankie for the grand whose b-day party is the 23rd. I have the boxes of yarn stash in my lr to choose the yarns for the final blanket. I think I'm garter stitching in my sleep!

School tomorrow--textbook adoption meetings, standardized test training, and planning a Shakespeare festival are on for this week in addition to just teaching.

Have a good week!