Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Post for 2010

We've spent a quiet first day of 2010 which is nice.  New Year's Eve was spent with friends.  We are a group of 4 couples - all of us married to the same people for 30+ years, all of us with adult children, some of whom are in Los Angeles,  some of us with grandchildren, all of us affliated with education, either as teachers, librarians, principals, or bus drivers - and we gather just about every New Year's Eve for dinner and conversation.  We turn on the Times Square coverage about 11:30, pour some champagne or other sparkling wine, toast the New Year, and then all  head for our respective homes.  Every year we group-call our West Coast children at midnight to wish them Happy New Year from their future and we pretend that we've had much more to drink than a sip of champagne!  It's fun!  Last night was no different.

Today was leisurely -just husband and me.  I cooked a beef roast and made some garlicky mashed potatoes, and we each had a glass of merlot.  Now it's time for TV, reading, knitting, or even napping!

I haven't made any resolutions and I haven't gone back to reflect on the ones I made last year.  Here's my hope though for this year:  Many more leisurely, relaxing times with my family, my husband, and my friends.  

Happy 2010! 

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Panhandle Jane said...

We're having a leisurely day as well--Internet, NO football, naps, tacos, and knitting. Life is good!