Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Jayne Hat - Shiny!!


I don't know how many of you are familiar with Firefly. It was a short-lived TV show that only had 15 episodes.  I missed it when it was on TV, but discovered a couple of months ago.  It starred Nathan Fillion of current Castle fame and is best described as a cowboys in space 500 years in the future.  It's developed quite a cult following over the years, and spawned a movie called Serenity.  You can find more info here or here.

At any rate, Elder Son is a big fan, as am I, and he expressed a wish for a Jayne hat.  It's named for one of the characters, Jayne Cobb, who is the resident "enforcer" on the Firefly crew.  He's played by Adam Baldwin and he's a super-tough guy.  He has a soft spot for his mother however, and in one episode she sends him a roughly knit earflap hat which he immediately dons.  Fans of the show have created a demand for such a hat, and a number of patterns are available.  I purchased my pattern on Ravelry here, and I used partial skeins of Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky.  It was a quick and easy knit, and now I just have to mail my son his hat!


Anonymous said...

The name of the movie is Serenity

Deb said...

I knew that! You know how something doesn't sit right, but you can't figure out why? Now I know. Thanks, I fixed it.