Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Been One of Those Days

I woke up this morning with what I've always called a "sick headache." It's not a migraine headache, (which I have been known to suffer) though it does make me feel a bit wonky in the stomach department. It's like a tight band is around my forehead and my eyeballs hurt. It's also a headache that sometimes goes away really quickly. There are times that I get into the shower, and as soon as my head gets wet, I can feel all the blood vessels constrict, and the headache goes away almost instantly. That didn't happen today, unfortunately. Neither did the next remedy - a good shot of caffeine. I went to school hoping that as the day wore on things would get better.

I got to school, got out of the car, closed the front door, and opened the back door. Or I tried to open the back door. It was locked. So was the front door. My keys were inside the car on the seat. So was my water, my lunch, my school bag, my school id. You get the picture. I did have my Vera Bradley wristlet around my wrist with my cell phone in the pocket so I called my husband. Or tried to. My cell phone was dead. I eventually got to my room, and called him from my school phone, and he very gallantly arrived about 40 minutes later with the spare key. He rescued my lunch, and school things, and brought them up to my room. (The kids always get a kick out of his quick visits.)

Fast forward to my first science class of the day. I have taken the kids to our new computer lab to work on an internet assignment. I have also found a cool interactive website that I want them to take a look at before they get started on the main assignment. In walks the principal, just as 20 kids and I discover that two of the sites aren't working, 3 kids can't seem to log on to their accounts, and a video won't download. I hate that about technology! Especially since last night, I doublechecked everything. I feel myself get a little flustered (headache isn't helping) and the principal actually sticks around and helps me get them all up and connected. But I still feel a little bit "under the microscope." Our principal is brand new this year and he's ONLY 31! He's new to the school and this is his first principal job, and he's just a tad older than my son. He's also technologically brilliant, and while he hasn't ever said anything to anyone in particular about technology skills or lack thereof, he has made comments like "staff people have to be able to use technology and integrate it seamlessly in the classroom," in just that way as to make some of us older folks feel a tad intimidated. (I used to be the tech pioneer but for a variety of reasons, not all of which have been in my control, am not anymore!) Anyhow, we finally got everything and everyone working.

As the day wears on, my headache doesn't go away and by lunch recess, I eagerly volunteer to go out, because sometimes fresh air and cold help. And it did for a bit, but my afternoon class was really difficult.

I left school as soon as I was contractually allowed to (which happens very rarely) and I headed home. I took another dose of of extra strength Exedrin, drank some more water, and headed for the sofa. Two hours later, I woke up when my husband came home. I feel like a new person. My headache is gone. I actually felt like blogging about it. I hope it stays away!

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Panhandle Jane said...

My knee went "out" for some reason--not an unknown occurrence, but a fairly rare one--so I called in for a sub on Wednesday. We are completely out of paper, so coming up with sub lesson plans was a treat! I am much better, but DH insisted I take today as well because we have black ice and my ability to balance is still not up to par. I very rarely do this, so I feel guilty, but I was having to use my mother's old walker yesterday just to get around the house.

It is such a hassle to take a day off when you teach! However, I think my day was perhaps better than yours.