Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Vacation Day

I can't believe how quickly this week is passing!  I'm really trying to hang on to each day since they are so precious!

My husband went truck shopping last weekend, and today he brought his purchase back home.  He bought a Honda Ridgeline which he's been talking about for almost 2 years.  He had a love/hate relationship with his previous truck, a Ford 150.  He loved the actual driving of it. It was very comfortable to sit in, and it handled beautifully.  But he had a great deal of trouble getting in and out of it, and last week, as he was getting out of it, he slipped on some ice and fell.  He wasn't seriously hurt, but he really banged himself up, and more importantly he got scared.  So off he went truck shopping.  He got a terrific deal on it, they gave him full trade-in value for his old truck, and after doing all the math, decided that he wasn't going to be coming out in the hole.  Since he pays cash for his vehicles, he didn't have to worry about financing. So he's happy as a clam right now.

Elder Son called to say he had an interview next week although he admitted he wasn't exactly sure for which job.  Apparently a large insurance company saw his resume on and called him.   He says it's a "cattle call" type interview for a variety of sales and marketing jobs, and he has experience in both areas.  He's been unemployed since Christmas, so this made him happy even if it's not the dream job, or even if he's eventually offered it.  The experience of interviewing is always helpful.  I think that's  a good attitude for him to be taking.

We went out to dinner at Olive Garden.  I had planned to make meatloaf, but when I went to take the hamburger out of the refrigerator at 3:30, I realized I'd put it in the freezer on Tuesday.   So my husband suggested dinner out.  I never say no to eating out!  We took his new truck out and I must admit it's very comfortable. I miss the 'step' I had on the Ford. It's a pretty high stretch for this 5"1' pair of legs to manage but it's doable. There's a good handle on the side of the door frame to help pull myself in!

I enjoyed the rest of the evening watching Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice in real time.  The benefit of no school the next day is that I can stay up!

My natural body clock is bed between 11-11:30 and getting up around 7.  For most of the year I'm forced into bed 9:30-10, up at 4:45 am.  I really like non school weeks!

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