Monday, February 21, 2011

Vacation Week: Day 1

Although I woke a number of times during the night, it was always knowing that I didn't have to get up at 4:45 am.  I started to think about getting up for good about 7 am after being semi-awake for about an hour.  The phone call at 7:15 made that a definite decision.  As usual, when your spouse owns his own business, there's always a problem on the first day of vacation.  That put him in major stress mode.  A key employee didn't communicate some vital information in a timely fashion, and that resulted in a major problem.   So instead of having a leisurely breakfast with him, he rushed off to the office.  I got up and fielded a few phone calls relative to the problem.  When he returned, several hours later, we spent some time working on the company billing.  I had originally planned to bring the company bookkeeping up to date this morning, but due to the unplanned event, I didn't get started on that til after lunch.  And then, the fun began.  One of the big problems I had to wrestle with is entering our payroll.  We use a payroll service, but switched providers with the start of the new year.  The payroll service now offers direct deposit, and we have employees who are utilizing this service.  It really complicates the bookkeeping.  I've been talking with our accountant about how to do the entries so that I don't have to enter about 75 transactions.  He sent me instructions, and I started to follow them, only to discover a problem.  We are still working on resolving that problem,  but it's now 4 pm and I haven't entered the Jan. payroll into the computer records (although I deducted the gross amt and the employer's share of taxes from the actual checkbook), so I can't balance the Jan. books yet.  I guess I will have to use another day of vacation to deal with this, though I had wanted to get all the tedious chores out of the way today!

I am trying a new recipe for dinner tonight.  It's a crockpot recipe I found in the newest issue of Real Simple magazine, called Curried Chicken with Ginger and Yogurt.  It smells heavenly!  It took a few minutes to put together (grating fresh ginger and chopping a few ingredients) but all I need to do later is cook some rice and stir yogurt into the sauce.    I love this magazine, and it's one  I subscribe to.  I almost always find a good recipe or two and I like the consumer product tests they have every month.

I also did a number of piddly tasks while I was waiting for call-backs.  I handwashed my hand-knitted socks. (I was astonished to discover I have an even dozen pairs of socks I've knitted for myself!), I cleaned the birdcage, and I discovered a bill I had forgotten to pay!

For the rest of day one I hope to watch an episode of Season 1 of Bones on my instant Netflix, watch House and Castle in real time, and knit.

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Panhandle Jane said...

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! My hubby retired from our business about 2 months before I retired from school. I, however, am still dealing with the bookkeeping because we still own the property and because the tax year did not finish until December. At least, though, I don't have payroll to deal with!