Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation Week: Day 2

Elder son came home to get his car services at our local garage.  He hasn't found a garage he likes where he lives, plus here in our state there's no sales tax on services, so he can save money.  Since he's currently unemployed, saving money is paramount with him right now.  As is usual when he visits, he goes "grocery shopping" in our cupboards - with our blessing of course.  Our main entertainment was to watch Monday's episode of CASTLE.

I solved my bookkeeping problem of yesterday, and the business books are now balanced through January and are up-to-date.  I even made major headway on our taxes.

Our afternoon was disrupted because a problem arose with the business (what else is new?) and I ended up having to follow my husband to a location about an hour away, so that he could bring a vehicle there, and then drive him home.  The roads here in northern New England are ridiculously bumpy at this time of year with frost heaves.  For folks who aren't familiar with this term, it's particularly apt, because occasionally the roads are nausea-inducing.  The freezing and unfreezing cycle cause road beds to buckle so you feel like you're on a particularly bumpy roller coaster!  It's especially rough on the back roads, and that's where our trip took us!

I did experiment with another crockpot recipe from Real Simple.  This time I made Asian pork with snow peas, peppers and noodles.  This was another really delicious meal.

The evening was spent watching Glee and Parenthood and trying to get some knitting done.

I can't believe how quickly the week is flying by.  I wish school weeks went as fast!!

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