Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New World - Or, I Had No Idea What We Were Missing

It's been just a week since we were able to connect to high speed internet service.  I am still getting used to the idea that when I click on a link, I'm there instantly.  I have to change my morning routines!  I used to log into my account, click on the dial connection tab and then feed my bird.  By the time I finished with that chore, I would go back to the computer and open Outlook.  While my email downloaded, I made my coffee. Finally, I'd sit down with my coffee and read my email and check in with a few website.  Now all I do is wake the computer, log into my screen and everything  is right there ready to go.  

Other wonders I'm getting used to:
  • Clicking a video link on FB and actually watching it
  • Accessing our local news station to check weather (and school closings for my husband who runs a school bus company!)
  • Listening to Pandora 
  • Using Itunes to download music and podcasts
  • Uploading pictures to Ravelry or this blog
  • Watching the first season of Bones instantly from Netflix on my computer. (Guess how I spent our early dismissal from school due to snow afternoon!)
  • Using my laptop wirelessly in another room
  • Watching a knitting technique video
  • Accessing my bank and my credit card accounts and not getting timed out!
I knew we were deprived by the limitations of dial up, but I just didn't understand how much.  I realize that I'm sounding a lot like a kid in the candy store, but that's how I feel right now. 

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