Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter in our Neck of the Woods

We're working on the cleanup from this latest storm.  We got somewhere between 12-18 inches of snow on top of what was already on the ground since about 7 am yesterday.  We were sent home from school at 12:30 yesterday, so at least we don't have that day to make up.  We do have 4 to make up now after today's cancellation.  The best thing about today's cancellation is that the decision to close was made last night, so all the calls were done then.  We were able to sleep this morning, and boy, did I.  I woke up briefly at my usual 4:46 am, but rolled over and went right back to sleep, all the way till 8:03.  That seemed like the middle of the day.
I spent today making pea soup and corn bread, and I watched another episode of Bones, Season 1, streamed from my Netflix account.  I didn't start watching this show until last season, and I decided to catch up by starting at the beginning.  It's really fun to to see where the characters started, and I'm interested to see what happened to some of the originals who are no longer on the show.  I also tried a new recipe - for white chocolate fudge.  One of my husband's employees gave us some for Christmas, and also gave us the recipe.  It tastes delicious, but apparently my candy thermometer is no longer accurate, because the fudge didn't harden the way it should.  It holds together, and it isn't sticky, but it's more like the texture of the marshmallow fluff that is used in its creation.  I'll just have to try it again sometime.

My husband is having trouble with arthritis in his right wrist.  For the past day or so he hasn't been able to bend it, and it's really swollen.  He wasn't able to do the snowblowing around the yard or the shoveling.  In fact, he's had trouble using the hand at all.  Our neighbor plows the driveway for us, so I asked him if he'd do the blowing for us (and of course we'd pay him extra!).  And I also explained that my husband has been snowblowing our across the street neighbor since she's newly single and works nights as a critical care nurse.  Not only did our neighbor snowblow us, but he did her yard too, and refused any payment.  He said he was just glad that I asked him for help.  We'll do something nice for him later on in the season -- maybe I'll knit him a new hat!

So here are some pictures ---  the plow drifts are now so high that I can't see the road from my kitchen. I took them standing in my driveway  at the roadside.  I think there's about 2 ft of snow on the level, but it's been hard to measure!

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Panhandle Jane said...

Wow! We did finally get just an inch or two of snow. The roads aren't bad, but the sustained cold is unusual for us. This morning, we were colder than the North Pole (everyone has been bragging all day, although I'm sure others could share the distinction with us). I have spent a totally unproductive day fighting the tension on my little portable sewing machine. After 3 hours, I've given up! My big sewing room has separate heat, and it's too expensive to heat for the 30 min of sewing I wanted to do today. I have worked myself up into a miffed tizzy. Tomorrow, I'll either just spin as I had planned or get out my daughter's portable and try it. Or my grandmother's machine in the back bedroom. . . . I just don't like being defeated!

I think I'll take my wounded finger and go knit on a sock for awhile to take the edge off.

Stay warm!