Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stochastic* Sunday



[stuh-kas-tik]  Show IPA
–adjective Statistics .
of or pertaining to a process involving a randomly determinedsequence of observations each of which is considered as a sampleof one element from a probability distribution.

I was looking for an alliterative adjective since I've used Scattered Saturday as a blog title previously.  Besides, it's fun to learn new words.

So in my stochastic order:

1.  I've learned 2 new things today, and it's not even 8 am.  The first I just mentioned.  I found a synonym for random and scattered.  The second thing I learned from a sermon written by Rev. Martha Spong that's posted on her blog here.  We've all heard Jesus' teaching to "turn the other cheek".  What I never knew was that doing so was "So turning the other cheek was not giving in to abuse. It was the most powerful kind of non-violent resistance. " (from referenced sermon).   Offering your right cheek forced your superior to either step back or use the open hand to slap, and thus forced him(her) to lose stature.   I so appreciate it when scripture is opened up for me, either through a sermon or my own study. It makes it so much more powerful.

2.  I have a busy day ahead --- church, followed by our monthly council meeting.  I wonder what would happen if the moderator (me) decided not to show up!  I actually like council meetings. I don't like that they last for about an hour and a half on Sundays after church.  Today it's really not a problem, since it's the start of vacation week, but usually I resent the intrusion into the little free time I have.

3.  It's vacation week!  We're not going away.  I had hoped to go somewhere warm and sunny, but it just didn't happen.  Instead we will "staycation" - although a number of chores will be accomplished.  I've actually completed 2 1/2  chores that needed immediate attention.  I found the tax info my son needed, and I faxed our business W-3 to the accountant who's working on the business taxes.  The 1/2 chore is that I organized our personal tax records so that the personal taxes can be done.

4.  I can stay up to watch shows that air at 10 pm in real time.  I love the fact that I have a DVR and most of what I watch nowadays is via the DVR.  But sometimes I just want to watch an episode as it's aired.  (Like "Castle" ) 

5.  I can have 5 leisurely mornings in a row this week.  Even if I still wake early from force of habit, I don't HAVE to get going immediately. I can drink a 2nd or even a 3rd cup of coffee.

6.  I love my Keuring coffee machine.  I get a perfect cup of coffee every single time.  My cup of coffee is always hot, hot, hot.  I can drink strong coffee while my husband can enjoy his milder brew.  And there's no waste!  I know the K-cups are expensive, but we used to throw out 1/2 a pot of coffee every day because our old machine didn't brew small pots well.  

7.  It is cold again.  We had a wind advisory Friday night through this morning, and the wind blew away the springlike temperatures.  Friday afternoon when I left school it was 57° F and it's now 10°F.  With wind gusting up to 50 mph at times, the windchill was subzero.  Snow is predicted tomorrow - 5 inches at least.

8.  I have a stack of books to read (what else is new?) and a new knitting project underway.  

9.  I also have a Netflix date this afternoon with an episode of Midsomer Murders on disk, and several episodes of first season Bones in my Instant View queue for later this week.  

10.  My husband and I are sharing a new addiction to a computer game  (Poppit).  There is something mesmerizing about clicking on balloons to pop them and release all the "prizes."   As with all our previous game addictions, we will play this one for long periods of time for about a month, and then one day, we'll wonder what we saw in it.  I still like Snood and Super Mah-jong on occasion, so this will be a welcome addition to our game collection.

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Panhandle Jane said...

I am exactly the same way about computer games. My hubby doesn't play at all!