Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One of Those Days

Where nothing goes particularly wrong, but nothing goes particularly right. . .

1.  Kids were very unfocused today, very chatty, not a lot of work accomplished.

2.  Miserably rainy and chilly meant an indoor recess -- not particularly helpful.

3.  Everyone is feeling discouraged about work loads.

4.  I was able to get home early today as did my husband which lead to

5.  An early dinner -- simple, if not exactly high on the list of healthy

6.  A plan to spend the evening knitting . . . which happened, kind of.

7.  Took almost 2 hours to remove a provisional cast-on and put live stitches on stitch holders.  Apparently I didn't crochet through the correct loop so made a task that should have been easy, quite difficult.

8.  Numerous interruptions didn't help ---- 5 phone calls, a DVR problem, and a cat throwing up.

9.  It's still raining too!  Lots of mud and pooled water on top of frozen ground.

10.  I may be catching the head cold my husband is enduring.

Dinner tonight:

Pan-fried cube steaks (sprayed the skillet with Pam with a teeny pat of butter, really!!)
Homemade fried potatoes  (Pam spray, followed by good olive oil)
Steamed broccoli (the nod to healthy eating!)

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